Year End Testing Has Begun! Please be sure your child is at school at 7:45 and ready to SHOW all they KNOW! Getting a good night's sleep is also important to doing well on any school day! We are proud of our Little Raiders and eager to have results that show the work they have done. Thank you! Josh Pearson has students excited about Beating the ACAP Test!
4 months ago, OPES
Josh Pearson and students- pumped up to do well on the ACAP
Math Team has their GAME ON at the virtual math competition!
over 1 year ago, OPES
OPES 5th Graders are Building a Greenpower Car for the Greenpower competition.
over 1 year ago, OPES
Field Day is Friday 5/7!
over 1 year ago, OPES
Picture of Field Day T-Shirt