Kindergarteners Give Stone Soup Thumbs up

Mrs. Amaulis Kindergarten class read Stone Soup last week, the classic story of generosity and sharing. Then students brought in a single item--- an onion, canned corn, tomatoes, other vegetables--- and made their own Stone Soup. These extension activities bring books to life!

We are off for Thanksgiving this week. Grab a good book and read with your children! Think about what you read, talk about it, make a game or cook a recipe! You'll be building memories and positive associations with the joy of reading. This is a great way for students to build background knowledge so they can make connections between what they read and experiences they have in the future. 

Don't have a book handy? Ebooks are always accessible on DCS student devices. Check out Sora, Myon and Atrium for ebooks on your child's iPad or Chromebook. Read to them and have them read to you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!