Students singing on stage Veterans Day Program

Students shine during the Veterans Day Program Assembly. First graders, second graders, and show choir performed and shared information on Veterans Day history and importance. Parents, students and community members were treated to a wonderful assembly. Sean Fisher, COL retired US Army,  shared about the various branches of the military as well as his experience serving in the Army for 33 years in  military police and operating tanks.  The hardest part of the job? Being deployed and away from his wife (our second grade teacher, Mrs. Fisher) and their three sons. The best day? Being welcomed back home by his family. We have a better appreciation of the sacrifices made by servicemen and the families that stand behind and support them.  Thank you, Mr. Fisher, and thank you to all the US military personnel that make the world a safer place. Thank you to our music teacher, Mr. Kennedy as well as students, teachers and all the supporters of this learning opportunity!